What to Know When Buying A Home in Spring

Dated: 04/25/2019

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Have you heard about Spring Home Buying Fever? You are not alone. Spring is the busiest in real estate for most areas because why not? The weather is perfect for home hunting before the new school year begins.

So, if you are ready to buy a home this Spring especially around Alaska, read on...

1. Get a neighborhood specialist.

A local real estate agent who specializes in the area where you want to buy will be one of the core steps you will do when buying a home. Tons of information will be much more available through your realtor which will help your home buying journey much easier.

2. Be prepared to pay list price.

Your agent can show you a CMA of your desired home and neighborhood to help you determine the actual value. Be sure to always consider and choose to pay the actual home is worth rather than the seller's asking price. 

3. Give the seller something other buyers won't.

The market is much hotter in spring so there are more active buyers in this time of the year. So you and your realtor's negotiation skills are crucial in getting the deal. It may not be always about giving the highest price but it can be in the small things that the seller may need like an extra day to move out or so. You can ask your realtor to make suggestions for you to make your offer more appealing than the others.

4. Focus on the property and not the seller.

Whether the property is a short sale, foreclosure or has a traditional seller, be sure to focus on the house. Some people just buy the house because it is cheaper than all the others. Make sure that it still matches your needs and wants. Or if it is not that affordable be sure it's worth the price and that the price is still in the market range. Remember that you are not just buying a piece of property but also the neighborhood.

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